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Friday, September 01, 2006

Museum of Science & Industry: The Da Vinci Exhibit

These are the pictures I took at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, in the Da Vinci Exhibit.

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The Museum took advantage of the notoriety of "The DaVinci Code" to stage the exhibit. A very small part of it spoke to the Dan Brown book and the movie, in a neutral way.

Most interesting were the models which have been built from Leonardo's drawings and skteches. Most were "hands on", in accordance with the Museum's charter to be as hands on as the displays permit.

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By moving his feet, the flyer extends, retracts and flaps the wings.

Tank Posted by Picasa

This vehicle had cannon facing in several directions, and complementary axles for motion in any direction.

Helicopter Posted by Picasa

Leonardo's design depended on vigorous rotation of the rotor, which would screw the helicopter up into the air.

Battleship Posted by Picasa

The ship carried a cannon capable of being trained to any direction, and elevated. It could contain several cannon balls or chain shot.

There were many more parts to the exhibit, but these I think are the more interesting.


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