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Thursday, April 06, 2006

He Missed the Point

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A Catholic high school on Long Island cancelled the prom. The principal, Brother Ken Hoagland, said things had gone too far.

Years of escalation had resulted in stretch limousines, ball gowns, tuxedos, and house rentals in the Hamptons. And little or no supervision.

Once it was canceled, the kids proposed that buses take them (jackets and ties for the boys, dresses for the girls) to NYC, and they pay for a dinner dance and cruise.

That all makes sense, except… the principal’s letter about canceling the prom missed the point:

"It is not primarily the sex/booze/drugs that surround this event, as problematic as they might be; it is rather the flaunting of affluence, assuming exaggerated expenses, a pursuit of vanity for vanity's sake -- in a word, financial decadence," Hoagland said in his letter. He is a member of the Marianists – the Society of Mary.

I think that he should have canceled it. But, do we conclude from his letter that if the cost of limos, house rentals, and post-prom catering had been more economical, he could have lived with the sex, booze and drugs problems?

Why don’t I find that reassuring?

Sounds like this guy is starting his own church! Because it IS primarily because of the sex, booze and drugs problems that it should have been canceled. AND no parental control.

Don't worry, Brother; these rich kids will have plenty of money left for the school endowment after they sober up from the prom.

Has the Pope been briefed?


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