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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

News Briefs

HANOI (Reuters) - A Vietnamese man who once appeared on national television to demonstrate his ability to resist electric shocks has been electrocuted while repairing a generator, an official said on Tuesday.


NEW YORK (Reuters) - The United States should give the United Nations until the end of the year to reform and then consider cutting back on its U.N. dues if the changes fall short, U.S. Ambassador John Bolton said on Monday. Bolton thus confirmed his “does not work and play well with others” reputation.


Spacewalking astronauts worried they may have gummed up a successful job connecting an addition to the international space station Tuesday when a bolt, spring and washer floated free.

Don’t worry. They’ll find them later, when they try to close the shuttle’s cargo bay doors.


From the Herald Sun:

An alligator that appeared in the James Bond movie Live and Let Die is to be stuffed and put on display after his death at the British zoo where he lived.

May be a suggestion for Gerald Ford...


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