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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Poor Prisoners

This is the season to think of the less fortunate.

Like, the convicts in prison. Soon to be joined (if we have any luck at all) by most of the American Red Cross.

People have started many wonderful programs for prisoners.

Like, foster pets. Sending dogs to prison for the inmates to train the animals and to prepare them for adoption.

Prison Pets

Awww…. So nice. *sigh*

Just a few questions:

1. The inmates earned their jail time. What makes us think they know how a dog should behave?

2. Who trains the inmates? Aren’t they already busy with license plates?

3. I know cats are sneaky, but what did the dogs do, to be sent to prison?

Here’s another benefit for prisoners: Angel Tree partner Fellowship Riders, a Dallas-based Christian organization, will help Prison Fellowship deliver gifts to 1,620 prisoners' kids nationwide this Christmas.

Awww…. Very nice. *sigh*

We should also acknowledge the role of the prosecutors, who took that bad actor away from his or her kids, and put him or her in the slammer where they belong. Now the kids actually have a chance. It’s the gift that keeps on giving – every day that the perp is not messing up the kids, the kids have a chance to turn out right. I think a lot of them are very relieved that Pa Perp or Ma Miscreant are gone.


  • At 3:33 PM, Anonymous Two Sirius said…

    And don't a lot of these guys have issues with...I don't know...ANGER MANAGEMENT, maybe?

    I wouldn't send one of my pups in there. No way, Jose. Rehabilitation is great, but leave innocent critters out of it.


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