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Saturday, February 19, 2005

Cooking For Engineers

'Tis the season (Lent) for fish! Hey, I'm told that we don't eat enough fish anymore, and besides the health consequences, the oceans are going to back up. Soon, vile French frogs will be able to walk to London on the former English Channel.

Looking for a recipe, I (an Engineer) found:

Pan Fried Fish Fillets:
"Last week I roasted a four pound cross rib roast (instead of a standing rib roast because I was too cheap to by prime rib just for an article). Well, I finally finished eating the roast. (After the initial feast, I sliced the roast into steaks and then reheated on a skillet for a couple minutes on each side with some onion powder and celery salt to produce a tender medium to medium-well steak dinner.) After eating steak (and grilled beef of several varieties because of the July 4th weekend), Tina decided she would like some fish.

"We had some fairly thick fillets (about one inch) of catfish that I decided to pan fry (or saute, but I usually reserve this word for food that will actually be constantly moved on the pan). I always use a large non-stick skillet whenever I want to pan fry fish, but I had four fillets of catfish. I decided to do an experiment and cook all four at the same time - two on my non-stick skillet and two on my traditional saute pan."

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