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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Lawyers Want Celebrities For The Michael Jackson “Fest”

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Michael Jackson's defense lawyers listed Elizabeth Taylor, Jay Leno, Quincy Jones and Kobe Bryant as possible witnesses in Jackson’s molestation trial. The defense also named Jackson's children, Paris and Prince Michael. Possible prosecution witnesses included Debbie Rowe, their mother.

Other possible witnesses included Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, Chris Tucker, Corey Feldman, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and younger brother Aaron, Ed Bradley, Larry King, Rita Cosby, Deepak Chopra, Uri Geller, David Blaine, Steve Wynn and relatives of the late Marlon Brando.

Apparently the Pope wasn’t listed due to ill health. OJ Simpson was also slighted, and to me the most interesting omision of all was Macaulay Culkin. Omitted, either because he wouldn’t sing the defense’s song, or because he has his own law problems. He entered not guilty pleas in October at an Oklahoma City court to illegally possessing marijuana and prescription medicine.


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