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Friday, June 24, 2005

Fun For Nerds

California Prankster Changing Traffic Lights

A nerd with time on his hands and elementary knowledge of traffic lights has been tampering with them in Sunnyvale, CA, turning them off and rejigging wires so the lights flash red in all directions.

He also turned traffic lights to face the wrong way, mixed up the audible crosswalk signals that help guide the blind and thrown off the timing of lights to delay drivers.

City officials have launched a publicity campaign in hopes of thwarting the unknown crafty nerd, who has evaded the law for three months. He even has a key to open control boxes and reprogram the lights. Cops want the other nerds in town to put down their cell phones long enough to observe anyone fooling around with the lights.

We tried to get a comment from Bill Gates, head nerd at Microsoft in Redmond, Washington. They said he has been out of town for about three months. He went on vacation with one of their cherry picker trucks, they said.


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