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Friday, January 13, 2006

Senator Feinstein - Twice In One Week

After "distinguishing" herself at the Judge Alito hearings, Senator Feinstein is back in the news, as usual.

She wants answers on an obscure Pentagon agency that put reports on student anti-war protests and other demonstrations in a database for terrorist activities. She asks the Rummy, "Under what circumstances can peaceful protests at universities or by anti-war groups be monitored? What authorities, and under what regulations, do military counterintelligence units have to conduct investigations on U.S. persons?” she wrote. Or people, I guess.

She will probably get Al-Qaeda's Infidel Chick of the Year award on Al-Jazera's SundayNight Live show. But she will have to wear the full face burqa over her face. Forever, they say.

Hmmm....... Now there's a thought.


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