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Monday, October 02, 2006

Donald Rumsfeld


Donald Rumsfeld Posted by Picasa

New information has surfaced about Rumsfeld’s “offers” to resign.

He claims that he offered his resignation to Bush twice before, but it was refused. Now we learn the details about the offers:

1. The first one was when Don placed a phone call to George, which went to the answering machine. He left an anonymous message, saying “Mr. W, I offer you my resignation. This is Leon Mineta. Or, it could be John Ashcroft. Or Don Evans, or Colin Powell, Ann Veneman, Rod Paige, Spencer Abraham, Tom Ridge, Tommy Thompson, Anthony Principi, Andy Card, Gale Norton or Christine Todd Whitman. Your choice.”

President Bush accepted the resignation. Actually, all of the resignations.

Some of those people are still surprised, and still unemployed.

2. The second time, Don told W he was thinking of a number between one and three. When W picked a number, Don told him that wasn’t it, so W couldn’t have Don’s resignation.

Truth in gov’mint is a great thing!


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