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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hubbel Telescope

Hubbel Telescope

Well, here is the grand-bull-moose mother-of-all Rush-Limbaugh quandries in the known universe:

The Hubbel space telescope is one of the greatest things we have ever made to explore the universe. In a league with the Voyager space craft.

The only outfit which can apparently fix it is … NASA. Yeah, the ones who are Not Actually Smart Anymore.

Except for the boss. Michael Griffin, who replaced Sean O’Keefe, worked on Hubbel and is leading the effort for another fix-it mission. O’Keefe was in over his head just driving to work every day.

The news is pretty scant on what needs to be done. Five consecutive space walks, repairing a sensitive instrument on the telescope instead of in the lab, and that’s about all we know. What we are told is that it needs to be done, badly.

Well, in that case, I agree that NASA should try to fix it. I can think of no one else who can do this job as badly as NASA.


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