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Friday, January 05, 2007

Judges Whine For More Pay


Chief Justice John Roberts has joined Associate Justice Antonin Scalia and others in bemoaning the “paltry” pay of federal judges. These poor guys and dolls are only pulling in between $165,000 and $220,000 per year. At that rate, they say we cannot attract the brightest lawyers to be judges.

Scalia says a judge in southern New York State cannot even raise a family on that small salary. Well, at least not to Tony Soprano’s standards, I guess.

Scalia goes on vacations with “Quick Draw” Cheney, who picks up the tab, so Scalia skates free.


Maybe it’s more important for the prospective judge to weigh his motivation. Does he want the big bucks, flashy corporate image of Johnny Cochran; or does he want to serve the country in the Jeffersonian tradition?

So serve for a while, quit, and go back to the big bucks. We could use a little turnover in the judge ranks.

Consider the mess we have with jury selection. Read a typical story here: http://www.cantkeepquiet.com/ . Do these judges really deserve a pay raise?

Shame on Roberts and Scalia. They should be offering to give some back for the junior enlisted folks in the military who have to pay taxes, while living at poverty levels. We call it “federal SERVICE”, and that includes the greedy judges.

This makes me question their judgment.


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