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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Seattle Airport Christmas Trees

I hesitate to write about the flap in the Seattle-Tacoma airport over Christmas trees. It is still unfolding, especially if Mel Gibson goes there to confront the Rabbi.

It all started when the airport put up some Christmas trees with red bows after Thanksgiving. Then a Rabbi called to say he wanted to put up a Menorah, too, for Chanukah. The airport didn't get right back to him, so he went to the press and threatened to sue.

The airport figured if they let in the Menorah (and a ceremony to light it, a definite no-no to the Transportation Security Gestapo), well then they'd have to accomodate the Hari-Krishnas Hair Pulling Reindeer Fest, the North Korean Buddhist Missile-toe Shinto, the Iranian Nuclear Jihad Wreath Mongers, and ... well, you get the idea. So, they decided to take down the trees.

Now the Rabbi is really mad! He can't sue now, so the airport is depriving him of getting some Christmas money! And, there is a strong rumor that Mel Gibson heard about this Jew in Seattle, and, after just a couple of eggnogs, he thinks they plan to make a cross out of the wood from the Christmas trees. A very thin cross, I would think. So he's gonna fly there and "reason" with the Rabbi, who in Mel's somewhat anti-freeze state is surely behind every war in the world. So the Rabbi says, "Put the trees back up. I'm not the Grinch already. I was just meshugana about suing!"

Meanwhile, airline ticket counter people, upset that there are not many creative ways remaining to hassle the few people who still fly, decide to set up their own personally funded Christmas trees. On the counters. Right where frustrated travellers have to stand in line.

Stay tuned... Machine guns, napalm and Mel with his face painted blue and white again cannot be far behind.


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