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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Bye, Kofi


So, Kofi Annan went all the way to Harry Truman’s Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri, to insult the U.S. and the President about the role of the U.S. in the world.

Hey, dude, that's MY country! Thoughtful criticism of the government is MY job! You're still a foreigner. Speak your derision on U.N. land.

He spoke about world peace - the world which grew steadily more combative, more genocidal, more anti-children under his ten year “leadership”.

He went there, he said, because Harry Truman believed in the U.N. Truman waged HIS war in Korea under the U.N. flag. Hey, Kofi, that war is STILL open; never was a treaty. Oh, heavens, when are you going to end it? The humanity...

I spent some time in two visits to the Truman Library when I was working in KC a few years ago. And, I’ve read his biography. I admire his Midwestern plainspokenness, and his no-nonsense manner.

He and his wife Bess would have known how to describe Kofi Annan’s visit: uppity.


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