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Friday, March 25, 2005

Minnesota Shooter Had A Mean Look

CNN.com - Victim recalls shooter's 'mean' look before rampage - Mar 24, 2005: "Cody Thunder had taken his usual seat Monday in biology class -- the one closest to the door for easy exit -- when he said he heard gunshots down the hall at Red Lake High School.

Speaking Thursday from a wheelchair at a hospital, the wounded 10th-grader recalled turning to see Jess Weise staring at him with what he called a 'mean' look."

(I saw that same look from everyone at the Slipknot concert.)

Cody later said he had tried to make friends with Weise earlier in school. But Weise "talked about nothing but guns and shooting people," he said, and the attempt to reach out didn't result in friendship. Weise covered his notebook with military insignia and would change his hair, once shaping it into a style "like devil horns or something," Thunder said.

But the student said he didn't think this behavior indicated Weise was prone to violence. "I never thought he would do this," he said. "I never thought he would come up and try to shoot up the school."

Doctors have decided to leave a bullet lodged in Thunder's hip.

Probably because they didn't like that answer either.


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