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Friday, March 24, 2006

Hillary Not Invited


Pope Benedict met with the Cardinals of the Catholic Church on Thursday. He has called them for some advice, and to elevate 15 bishops and archbishops to Cardinal on Friday.

One topic: bishops and cardinals are supposed to retire at age 75. But if they can still work and if you're still paying them ...

There was not a woman's voice in the house.

Hillary Clinton, one of New York's matching Senators, spent some time reading and quoting the Bible this week as she blasted a proposed law to control illegal immigrants. It was seen as a last minute effort to impress the Papal Nuncio. But, Vatican watchers said, it was too little, too late to get her name on the list of new Cardinals.

She may have to focus on a job in the U.S. instead. Or, become a Catholic, become a priest, and get promoted to Bishop in order to pursue her Cardinal career.

Shouldn't be that hard. Two years ago she couldn't spell "senater".


  • At 1:57 PM, Blogger brendalove@gmail.com said…

    Remember those horror stories from the 1600's when they tortured the cardinals?

    I always get nervous when the cardinals get together.

  • At 4:51 PM, Blogger Greg Finnegan said…

    Bad times, without a doubt, at the end of the Dark Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance in the Church. Today, their conclaves are less sinister because good Cardinals (and there are many of them) are not intimidated to point out the bad.


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