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Thursday, April 14, 2005

$$$ Homeland Security $$$

NPR sometimes gets me warm under the collar on my way to work. It happened this morning.

Certain politicians and tag alongs are upset at the fundamental unfairness of Wyoming getting $38 per capita of Homeland Security largess, versus poor New York only getting $2.52 per head.

Check out NEMA's report (http://www.nemaweb.org/Library/Documents/State_Administration_of_Homeland_Security_Funds.pdf) on state spending of this money. New York didn't even bother to report their numbers.

Since the last homeland security attacks were not made with bows and arrows, per capita defense (like, helmets and shields, I guess) won't work. Their not-so-subtle argument depends on no one doing the arithmetic. But, we are GOOD at math:

Wyoming's population of 501,242 @ $38 each = $19,047,196.
New York state's population of 19,190,115 @ $2.52 each = $48,359,090.


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