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Friday, June 03, 2005

Coach Assaulted

A girls rugby coach in California was recently beaten until he was bloody and unconscious during a weekend match, and police are seeking criminal charges against several adults.

"I never saw them coming," said Craig Stewart, 55. Another coach and opposing parents took turns kicking him in the head and face during a game Saturday.

The violence erupted during a tournament game between the Rohnert Park Girls Rugby Club and Stewart's team, the Alameda High School Riptide club team. It started when referee Paul Berman, 33, ordered a spectator off the field. He was punched in the face three times by a spectator. Stewart intervened to help Berman and to hold the attacker on the ground until police arrived. That's when everyone attacked Stewart.

The girls apparently continued their game, richer for witnessing the example of their adults.


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