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Friday, June 03, 2005

Too Much Time On Their Hands

The National Trust for Historic Preservation is a Washington group, established by Congress in 1949 but privately funded for the past seven years. They just published their annual call for help (i.e., money) to preserve some dilapidated buildings. The most recent list of 11 endangered sites includes the Catholic churches of greater Boston - all of them, I guess, since most of their priests are going to jail; the historic buildings of downtown Detroit (certainly architectural beauties); and Alaska's King Island, once home to the Inupiat Eskimos. Yep, the whole darn island. Oh, and Ernest Hemingway's old house, too. Near Havana, Cuba.

Forget that U.S. citizens are prevented from even seeing the house in person. I think Ernie sold a few books. If someone wants a fix-er-upper, maybe they should get some dinero from The Old Man And The Sea.


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