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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Army Forces Command

Reading the mishmash about base closings led to an article that explained that the U.S. Army Forces Command is the largest, grandest Army command in the known universe. So, I popped on over and sure enough, it's huge. Fort MacPherson, Georgia, an Atlanta suburb all by itself. The General in charge is General Dan McNeill. Not Daniel, just Dan. So I read his bio. I think they picked him because McNeill sound like MacPherson, so it's easy to remember. "Who's that guy at MacPherson? McNeill." "Where's McNeill? MacPherson." (Pity the poor guy whose name rhymes with Toledo, or Iceland, or Nairobi.)

Check it out:


At first, I thought someone just snapped his official picture while he came back to the office for a pack of cigarettes from a campout. (So-jers like to go on overnight campouts with the boys.) "Hey, Dan, sit inna chair while I snaps your picture." Since they published it for the galaxy to see how down home and informal the general is, I'm sure the guys are all on a first name basis with Dan (not Daniel).

My second thought is that the base closures are coming none too soon. I mean, here's a four star general who cannot afford the hat, the tie, and the fancy uniform that generals always wear. Heck, the Battle of Gettysburg Day One was delayed until the generals got all suited up. Dan couldn't even borrow a white T-shirt for the picture.

Couldn't Rumsfield find some retired general's coat to loan to Dan?


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