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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Commissioners Won’t Give Up

The story about members of the 9/11 Commission forming a group on their own to press the government to do what the commission says is out, and it's disgusting.

Commissions like this historically hold hearings, take testimony, build a record and make recommendations. They have a public charter, and a fixed membership and a given time to operate. Then, the government can review the record and duly elected representatives can act as appropriate, or not.

These guys (Kean, Hamilton, Lehman and others) are all ex-politicos. They no longer have a constituency or a boss to answer to. Let’s not suppose that there is an altruistic, higher-minded purpose in the bones of any of their heads. They are not scholars, nor statesmen, nor experts in anything. No, they want this to go on and on because it lets them flex their power without accountability.

Some of their recommendations were good, but they must be acted on by the elected representatives of The People. But if they were the ones who said I have to jump through hoops, take off my shoes and get patted down at every airport… well, I will propose that that be their punishment in hell for all eternity.

Send ‘em home, and make them return the nice plaque and the attaboy letters.


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