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Monday, October 16, 2006

Lacy and the New Home


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Brenda raised a good point about the last post: maybe Lacy wouldn't be comfortable making our new home in the Vatican, if there aren't a lot of trees.

Rome, as you see above, has some trees, though a lot of them were used to make anti-elephant barriers during Hannibals invasions, and the Romans used most of the rest to make crosses to kill Christians.

Of course, girl dogs like Lacy don't need trees or fire hydrants to, uhm, relieve themselves. They just kinda squat down...

The folks who may be our new landlords always put up one special tree at Christmas time, which Lacy would like a lot:

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And, as to pictures, Lacy got her autumn bath today, so she should be ready to pose for new portraits tonight! (The trailer should have dried out by then.)


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