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Thursday, October 12, 2006


  • English as our official language may show up on some ballots in November. Why? What did England ever do for us?
  • How about Joplin, Mo., and that 13 year old kid who borrowed an automatic weapon from his Daddy’s gun safe, put on a trench coat and blew a hole in his school’s ceiling the other day? Then the gun jammed. Lacy and I stayed in Joplin last Februray on our way back from California, before we visited Branson. Next time: bullet proof vests for both of us. Oh, and the kid can open a safe but he can't clear a jammed rifle?
  • A group of priests in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Manchester, New Hampshire, is asking fellow priests to contribute money to help those who were stripped of their ministry for sexually abusing minors. In related news, Mark Foley, ex-congressman, gay pedophile, abused altar boy and alcoholic now admits he was also once a priest in New Hampshire. He shares their pain, and he will send New Hampshire his address.


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