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Friday, March 04, 2005

We Have Moved!

We said good bye to the Residence Inn last Monday, and the movers showed up in North Carolina right on time. We were moved in by 5:00 pm. Now, just a little unpacking remains...

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Lacy is cured, too! She ate her first "real" food last night, and she is back to announcing the presence of every living thing, and most trucks, to me in case I missed them. A bird flew into the open garage of the new house, and I couldn't decide who would have the first heart attack: the bird, or Lacy! The bird escaped unharmed, of course.

I was off line for three days. Withdrawal? Nah . . . I've always had this twitch. twitch.

One more trip to Maryland to retrieve the last trailer load. Meanwhile . . . I am on Day Three of the Vigil for the Cable Guy and the Satellite TV Guy. Satellite Guy showed up yesterday, with no tools and lots of excuses. We have rescheduled. (They both get my blood pressure up, so I decided to order cable AND satellite and have a race. At this rate, both will be last.)


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