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Friday, July 15, 2005

Atlanta, GA

Here are a couple of notes from the trip so far. The client has delayed things due to paperwork, so I am now a hermit in Montana until 8/1 or so. There are worse places to be! I'll write more soon, but for now... vacationing is taking all of my time!

We left North Carolina in the late morning on Thursday, July 7th, and arrived at Atlanta that evening. There were some severe thunderstorms as we passed through Charlotte, NC, which caused five major wrecks ahead of us involving more than 12 cars and trucks. The delay prevented us from getting together with my brother-in-law and his family. My nephew is a great student in high school now, and an accomplished soccer player. He had a match which prevented us from a later dinner, according to his mother. Soccer is so big there that fields are at a premium. He plays on a mixed men’s and boys’ league, and their game that night was indoors. At 10:00 pm.

I don’t even watch sports that late.

So we stayed in Commerce, GA. It was the first time I drove into a campground which I had not researched in advance. It was late, so the owner and attendants had all gone home. So, one finds a space for the trailer; writes it on the envelope provided with all of the name, rank and serial number stuff; inserts the required cash; and drops it in the slot in the door. $22 for water, sewage and 30 amp electricity connections and a 70’ pull through space. Great!

The next day, I called Stew Magoo (GetStewed.blogspot.com), and we met at an Atlanta Bread Company store for coffee. What a great time! Lacy did the required Homeland Security sniffing, and we talked about everything. We sat outside, since Lacy was with me enjoying the smell of my café latte multo chocolatto fra deangelo. We talked about running our own businesses, how we each enjoy doing the work rather than selling, and how we both have forgotten what a forty hour work week was like. Stew’s business is putting companies up on voice-over-Internet-protocol, so he knows computers cold. Since my WIFI connection had died, Stew recommended a fix, and he took me to his friendly neighborhood computer store, where they gave me his discount and a new gadget. Thanks, Stew! A wonderful day.

From Atlanta, we drove across Georgia, Tennessee and Kentucky to Paducah, on the Kentucky-Illinois border. There, we found another unattended campground and paid $20. I’m glad that we had electrical hookups, since the weather continued hot and humid and the air conditioning at night was great.

The next day, I drove from the southern tip of Illinois right up the middle, to Edgerton, Wisconsin. That’s about 15 miles into Wisconsin from Illinois, and we stayed at a very elegant RV Resort, if you can imagine. As an overnighter, they put us in a meadow in the midst of many smaller RV’s. They gave us two spaces, because the rig is so long. After I pulled Big Easy in (our 33’ fifth wheel looked like the Queen Mary to some other campers), a kid asked whether I would give him a tour! He also liked the truck, of course: Big Ride!

On Sunday morning, I found St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and got there in time for the first Mass. Someone was selling religious art made from wood from the Garden of Olives in Jerusalem, so I got some rosaries to send to my children. Then, two young men in business suits asked for our support as they embark on a two year mission . They are recent college graduates, and they are part of FOCUS, a group concentrating on Catholic university students to help them preserve their faith. They wanted our help financially, and I said, “Yeah, right…” until one said his assignment was to a college he had never seen, but he looked forward to: the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

Well, knock me over with a feather. My alma mater, and here I am in Podunck, Mid West. Of course I will sponsor him!


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