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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Rare Meteorite May Have Been Found


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Meteorologists lift what they claim is a "meteorite" in Kansas


Scientists found a rare meteorite in a Kansas field using ground penetrating radar.

Maybe not so rare. This is part of the 1882 Brenham fall, and they’ve found a few meteorites there over the years. 15,000 pounds worth.

With characteristic precision, the “astrogeologists” were able to debunk prevailing wisdom that the spectacular Brenham meteorite fall occurred 20,000 years ago. Its location in the Pleistocene epoch soil layer puts that date closer to 10,000 years ago.

Well, I could have told ‘em THAT.

Of course, the field is on a farm, and the farmer admitted churning up the soil pretty well every year before planting wheat. “Pleistocene, pliocene, holocene, Calvin Coolidge era – they’re all purty much mixed together now,” he said, spitting some tobaccy.

The ground penetrating radar is cool. It's actually a police radar gun, which Officer Clem hasn't noticed as missing yet. It first latched onto something that gave a very strong signal. They followed it for a few miles – “Could be very big,” someone excitedly observed – until they found out it was a steel cable going to a 7-Eleven Store.

Not shown in the picture is Bossy, a 1,300 pound Angus cow who was standing nearby, snacking from a barrel of Metamucil, and eyeing the “meteorite” warily. She apparently had had a long, difficult night, and wanted to stay as far away as possible from that thing.


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