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Monday, March 07, 2005

Twenty Major - still smoking in Dublin bars.

Sure and if you think this is an Irish blog because of my name, and the preponderance of green here and there, well read the link:

"There's been some talk on some other Irish blogs about what exactly makes an Irish blog Irish. Is it Irish if it's hosted in Ireland? What about if the blogger is Irish but the subject matter isn't especially Irish? What if the blogger is not Irish but the subject matter is Irish related? Can we apply the 'granny rule' to Irish bloggers as we do to Irish footballers? Who is the Tony Cascarino of Irish blogs then? Who will the goalscoring John Aldridge and who will be the 'Why did we bother with him anyway' Bernie Slaven?

"To end the confusion once and for all I have designed a set of easy to distinguish criteria which will make it easy for people to see if their blog is Irish or not."


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